P.J. Callaghan offers a wide range of commercial construction services, specializing in design-build development projects, in-house drafting, permitting, project management, pre-engineered metal buildings, and facility maintenance.

With all of our projects, success is achieved through effective communication, creative thinking and relationship-building.

General Contracting

Our company has decades of experience operating in the traditional role of general contractor, which means we contract with the owner for the entire project, rather than just a specific part of the job.

As a general contractor, we are responsible for ensuring quality work, controlling construction costs and meeting the construction schedule, hiring and coordinating with all subcontractors, and working through any challenges or issues that may come up through the entire process.


As a design-build contractor, we can offer greater control of the construction process by taking the budget and facility requirements from the owner and managing our in-house architecture and design team to develop the drawings, rather than working with an outsourced architect who is separately retained by the owner.

This arrangement places more of the day-to-day decision-making by consolidating the responsibilities to the contractor rather than the project’s owner, giving the owner more time to focus on running the business instead of running a construction project.

To successfully manage a design-build project, the contractor must be professional, trustworthy and focused on the owner’s needs. We have saved a number of our clients’ time and money by serving as their design-build contractor.

Construction Management

As a construction manager, we oversee all phases of the construction project and advise the owner throughout the process. These duties may include oversight of conceptual planning, budget pricing, and design and construction phases.

Additional services can include controlling construction budgets, scheduling projects, developing bid packages, and managing the bid process.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Metal Building Systems are professionally engineered structures that provide cost- effective and efficient metal buildings for a wide array of uses from storage facilities to schools.

Today’s metal building systems look much different than their predecessors. They are extremely versatile, and can incorporate many different architectural finishes to provide the look required for sophisticated applications such as churches, shopping centers and office buildings.

As an authorized builder/dealer of Star Building Systems, P.J. Callaghan is able to perform all aspects of the work pertaining to pre-engineered metal buildings, including design, new construction, re-roof, repair work, additions and insulation work. The relationship with Star helps us offer high-quality work and competitive pricing.

Facility Maintenance

A regular facility maintenance program helps keep up a property’s appearance and extends the lifespan of the building’s materials. Also, having a facility maintenance agreement ensures prompt service when the unexpected happens – as it often does. 

As a general contractor, we began offering facility maintenance services throughout the state of Florida years ago at the request of our customers.

We use our network of highly qualified subcontractors along with our own crews to offer maintenance solutions that lower operating costs and save our customers money. And having a single source to address all of the facility issues allows our customers to focus on their business.

General Contractor, Design/Builder and Metal Building Specialist