Metal FAQs

Q. How will metal impact my budget?
A. Metal is good for your budget in both the short-term and long-term. The faster construction saves you money now, and the longevity, durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance of metal buildings saves you money in the long-run.

Q. Why should I use metal for my building over another type of material?
A. A pre-engineered metal building will offer a better value than concrete, brick or wood. Metal is strong and quick and easy to build. Metal makes your building durable, while you can use almost any material for the exterior, including stucco, brick or wood.

Q. Aren’t metal buildings just for industrial spaces?
A. It is true that many warehouses and terminals are made of metal, but metal buildings can now be designed to incorporate glass, wood, brick, stone or stucco. In fact, you probably see steel buildings all the time without realizing it. Metal buildings often have different architectural finishes to provide the look needed for churches, schools, shopping centers and office buildings.

Q. How are metal buildings good for the environment?
A. Metal is good for the environment in several ways. Star Building Systems’ metal buildings are produced with materials that are 99 percent recyclable. Metal buildings are easily insulated with fiberglass or rigid board, which can dramatically decrease heating and cooling expenses. Also, Star’s insulated panel systems, low-profile roof options and lighter roof colors can significantly reduce energy costs.

Q. What is the benefit of being affiliated with Star Building Systems?
A. As an authorized builder/dealer of Star Building Systems, we are able to perform all aspects of the work on pre-engineered metal buildings, including design, new construction, re-roof, repair work, additions and insulation work. Having this authorization assures quality of work and competitive pricing.

General Contractor, Design/Builder and Metal Building Specialist